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Due Dilligence


Zoning Solutions, Inc. has completed the research on thousands of commercial properties for lenders, title insurance companies, developers, law firms, and appraisers for over twenty years.

Reviewing zoning bylaws prior to a real estate transaction is critical for anyone involved in the purchase or financing of commercial real estate.

A zoning certificate from Zoning Solutions, Inc. will clearly identify the zoning district, permitted uses, parking and dimensional requirements for a parcel of land. In the event a pre-existing nonconforming use is identified, verification from the municipality will be provided.

The final result is a standardized report with a detailed analysis and answers to all zoning questions for your site. This report simplifies the review process and enables the transaction to close faster. The zoning certificate is a cost effective way for you and your client to obtain the same information most zoning opinion letters contain at a fraction of the cost.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What do you need from me to order a certificate?

Any information that you can provide to help clearly identify the property is helpful. Owner’s name, property description, plot plan, and municipal lien certificate are very helpful, as well as identification of the type of development (for example “Barnes & Noble Bookstore”), and the present use (for example: Retail)

2. How quickly will I receive the certificate?

The turnaround time for our services can range from 1 business day up to a week depending on what kind of certificate you’re ordering.

3. Why would I need this certificate?

The certificate is used by both buyer/borrowers and lenders to assess the risk of owning a parcel of real estate. The obvious concern is that everyone wants to be sure that there are no zoning violations that affect the value of a property or would prohibit the continued use and occupancy of the premises.

4. What is included?

The zoning of a property is researched and a report is written that answers questions pertaining to legal use, dimensional requirements and parking regulations. We also attempt to receive written confirmation from the office of the building inspector that the building is in compliance with current zoning or is a pre-existing nonconforming use. In the event written confirmation is not available, verbal confirmation is noted in the report.